Introducing the REI Co-op Special Edition Basecamp

REI Co-op and Airstream collaborate to bring a new model to life, focusing on sustainability and off-grid features Basecamp was designed for the traveler who’s as instinctive as they are adventurous. This award-winning RV has continued to claim the position … Continued

Airstream Apps

With a few of these apps, your smartphone can be the perfect tool for planning – and executing – the perfect road trip. When you set out for the open road, the world stretches out before you with endless possibilities. … Continued

Is The Airstream Basecamp® Right For You?

Have you ever felt inspired by the #vanlife pictures that are so abundant on social media? Do you dream of weekends away from the concrete and traffic? Are there tourist attractions you want to check out without having to pay … Continued

Meet The Airstream® Interstate Models

Airstream has been ahead of the game since they started building their airplane-inspired RVs way back in 1931. These trailers captured the imagination of the nation and became the signature look for camping in style. Over the years, the company produced … Continued

Airstream Road Safety Tips For Winter

Just because winter is here doesn’t mean you have to stop traveling with your beloved Airstream! While driving in snow, ice, slush and cold temperatures is more challenging, you can stay safe on the road with some preparation and caution. You … Continued

The History of Airstream RVs

RVers and non-campers alike know an Airstream trailer when they see one. They’re iconic symbols of adventure and tenacity in American culture and built with our commitment to exploration in mind. For over 80 years, Airstream has been a pinnacle of the … Continued

Airstream in Popular Culture

Coca-Cola. Route 66. Baseball. Apple pie. These are only a few of the many cultural icons that are seen as being truly representative of Americana. Let’s add another one to the list: Airstream. Since their development in the 1920s and 1930s, … Continued

A Primer on Vintage RVs

Recreational vehicles have been around for nearly a century at this point, which means that several generations of them have existed. Many of those earlier models are still around, including iconic Airstream travel trailers from decades past. Airstream of Montana, serving … Continued