Basecamp 16 vs. Basecamp 20

The award-winning Basecamp model has claimed the position as Airstream’s top-selling travel trailer model. They’re light enough to tow with an SUV or small truck, accommodate life on the road or just weekend trips, and are spacious enough to relax after a long day of adventuring outside.

The definition of get-up-and-go, Basecamp is ready for anything and tough enough to go off-road or off-grid whenever you’re up for it. Basecamp was originally made as a 16-foot-long travel trailer, and we added the 20-foot floor plan in 2020 for those who want more room to sleep, entertain, and eat inside. While there are certainly a lot of similarities linking the Basecamp 16 and Basecamp 20 as close family members, come along with Bryan Melton, General Manager of Travel Trailers, as we do a side-by-side comparison to highlight the feature and layout differences between these two highly capable floor plans.

Size and Layout

The biggest difference between the Basecamp 16 and Basecamp 20 is the amount of space and overall layout of the travel trailer. Upon entering the 16, you have your kitchen to the right, bathroom straight ahead, and lounging area/sleeping space to the left.

Basecamp 16 Floor Plan

With the 20, you have a U-shaped dinette directly to the right after walking through the entry door.

Basecamp 20 Floor Plan

The front seating space allows for comfortable lounging/sleeping for up to 4 adults with room to spare (compared to the sleeping capacity of 2 with the 16). The tabletop is designed to swivel completely around without disturbing those sitting around the dinette. This feature also allows for quick entry and departure without requiring the whole family to scooch out of their seats.

Basecamp 20 Front Dinette

Your bathroom remains in the same position, and your kitchen is spread across both sides of the aisle, with storage flanking the wet bath and appliances directly to the left of the entry door.

Basecamp 20 – Storage Cabinets behind the Wet Bath

In the rear of both floor plans you have a convertible lounge area. In the 16, the two rear benches measure 24 in. x 76 in. and can function as single beds, a combined half bed (38 in. x 76 in) or a complete bed (76 in. x 76 in.) that’s spacious enough for two. Your tables become your bed supports, and your back cushions fill in the center gap.

Basecamp 16 – Open Aisle
Basecamp 16 – Half Bed
Basecamp 16 – Full Bed

In the 20, you still have the same benches, but the size of the seating area is expanded to 26 in. x 78 in. which also means there’s additional storage space under the bench when compared to the 16. You’ll also notice the small storage compartment built into the floor of the 20 which is perfect for tossing wet gear or additional RV accessories. This compartment is accessible from the rear hatch door and also includes a drain to prevent moisture from pooling.

Basecamp 20 – Benches & Open Aisle

The half bed size measures at 41 in. x 78 in. while the complete bed provides a massive 82 in. x 78 in. area that can easily fit two people (plus, maybe a few dogs).

Basecamp 20 – Half Bed
Basecamp 20 – Full Bed
Basecamp 20 – Half Bed with a Table Up

Comparing the Kitchens

In the Basecamp 16, we designed the kitchen to curve around the front of the travel trailer with a view out of the beautiful panoramic windows. The two-burner gas stove has a tempered glass cover so it can double as extra counter space when you’re not cooking. Then, you have a large, round sink with a modern faucet. Under the counter is your optional microwave, refrigerator, and storage for your pots, pans, dishes, and food. There are even some cubbies for maps, tools, and shoes in this area.

Basecamp 16 – Kitchen

In the Basecamp 20, your kitchen spans across the travel trailer aisle, with your two-burner gas stove, sink and modern faucet, and storage on one side, and your refrigerator on the other. In the 20, you get a little extra fridge space. The optional microwave is located above the refrigerator.

Comparing the Bathrooms

Both Basecamp floor plans have what is referred to as a “wet bath” which means the entire space is designed to get wet — making it easy to clean and keep clean while maximizing storage space throughout the travel trailer.

In the Basecamp 20, the overall height of the travel trailer is greater, so you end up with a taller bathroom. The overall height in the 20 from ground to ceiling is 6’ 7” compared to 6′ 3.5″ in the 16. On the roadside of the 16, you have a pass-through to bring your interior shower head outside to rinse off gear or take an outdoor shower.

Take a look through the specifications chart to see how the standard model and ‘X-Models’ compare with each other.

16 vs 20 Standard Specs Comparison

16X vs 20X Specs Comparison

How They’re Similar

After going through the side-by-side differences of the Basecamp 16 and 20 floor plans, you’ll be able to narrow in on the layout that best fits your lifestyle. The existing models create no shortage of options for those who are looking for the perfect compact travel trailer that can be towed by a vehicle you likely already have.

  • Convertible Living and Sleeping Positions
  • “X-Package” Upgrades
  • Large 26″ x 46″ Rear Hatch Door
  • Optional Air-Tube Tent for Additional Space
  • A/C, Heat, and Hot Water Systems
  • Innovative Aerodynamic Body and Roof Profile
  • Every Kitchen Appliance in Small, Smart Space
  • Panoramic Front Window

Optional Features

  • 180w Rooftop Solar Package
  • Air Conditioner with Heat Strip
  • Microwave
  • X-Package

Interior Décor Options

  • Red Rock
  • Glacier Lake
  • Forest Ridge

Optional Features & Upgrades

The Choice of ‘Standard’ or ‘X-Package’
By listening to the feedback and understanding the needs of our customers, Airstream continuously makes product improvements to stay ahead of the curve in innovative design and utility. An example of this is the inclusion of the optional Basecamp feature — the “X” package. This upgrade is available for both the 16 and 20 floor plans.

Which Additional Features does the X-Package Include?
For those moments where the asphalt turns to dirt or you have your eye on the perfect campsite but just need to go a little further off the trail, the Basecamp X-package provides the solution. The X-package features a lift kit, larger Goodyear off-road tires and stylized wheels, stainless steel front stone guards, and tinted window guards.

Basecamp 16X
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