Is The Airstream Basecamp® Right For You?

Have you ever felt inspired by the #vanlife pictures that are so abundant on social media? Do you dream of weekends away from the concrete and traffic? Are there tourist attractions you want to check out without having to pay exorbitant hotel costs? If you said “Yes!” to any of those questions, we suggest you check out the Airstream Basecamp trailers. This streamlined model has everything that makes Airstream so attractive but at a size and budget that’s more suitable for infrequent RVers.

At Airstream of Montana, we love our gleaming silver RVs and all their amazing features and amenities. In our attempt to connect people with the RV that best fits their needs, we’ve created this guide to help you figure out if an Airstream Basecamp trailer is right for you. To check some of these models out, visit our dealership in Missoula. If you’re looking for Airstream Basecamp trailers for sale in Bozeman or Kalispell, get in touch with us today.

Easier to Tow, Park and Store

Since the Basecamp is fairly lightweight and compact (it needs only two wheels to be operational), it opens up the field when it comes to finding a towing vehicle. You can tow one of these with a mid-size SUV so you may not need to get another vehicle just to tow it. Its small size also means that you can stay at campgrounds that aren’t open to bigger RVs. The Airstream Basecamp is also small enough to fit into a decent-sized garage so you won’t have to worry too much about where to store it when it’s not in use.

Thoughtful Interior Space

Like all Airstream models, the Basecamp has a clean and pleasant aesthetic. Within its small frame, it manages to fit in a good-sized kitchen, a bathroom, and a living/bed space. The kitchen comes with a refrigerator that runs on electricity or LP gas, and plenty of cabinet space. The wet bathroom is equipped with a roof vent fan that prevents condensation and exhausts unwanted gases. At the back of the Airstream Basecamp trailer, you’ll find built-in benches and tabletops mounted on steel poles that can be transformed into a bed when needed.

Great Exterior Shape

Airstream Basecamp trailers have a rounded front end with hand-crafted aluminum window frames that wrap around a good portion of the camper. This allows you to enjoy the vistas when you’re on the road, when you cook or when you’re parked at some scenic spot but unable to venture out. There are two doors━one on the right and a bigger one for loading/unloading your stuff at the back.

Premium Features

Airstream Basecamp trailers are built to be tougher than they look. Large wheels and tires help you tackle rough terrain and the cold. There’s a pass-through in the bathroom wall that allows you to create an outdoor shower if you want to clean up before you come in. Owners of the Basecamp have reported that the heating and cooling units produce much lower sounds than other RVs. The kitchen is also equipped with a pop-up charging station with USB ports and 110V outlets to help you stay connected with the world as you travel to remote locations. There’s pre-installed wiring for those planning to hook up solar panels later on.

There’s so much more to these RVs than we can mention here. If you like what you read, why not come down to Airstream of Montana and check out some Airstream Basecamp trailers for sale? We’ll tell you more about them and help you choose the best options for you. We’re located in Missoula and welcome all our patrons from Bozeman and Kalispell.

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