Best Hiking Trails in Montana

One of the best parts of camping is all the great outdoor activities you can do while you’re camping. You’ll be closer to some of the more remote locations in the country, which makes it easier to connect with nature. Even if you’re not much of an outdoor enthusiast, hiking is a classic way to explore some of the most beautiful landscapes in the great state of Montana. You can probably just search for local hikes, based on where you’re camping, or you can seek out some of the more iconic and rewarding trails. Airstream of Montana has listed a few here to get you started, but you can also stop by our location in Missoula, serving Bozeman, to learn about some of our staff’s personal favorite hikes.

Iceberg Lake Trail

In Glacier National Park, you’ll find over 700 miles of hiking trails to explore, but we recommend starting with the Iceberg Lake Trail. At under ten miles, this casual day hike can be found near the center of the park and offers beautiful views of the forest, mountains, and lake. The trail also joins with the Ptarmigan Tunnel Trail, which is another great hike you can check out.

You might even see some wildlife along the way, like mountain goats and bighorn sheep. You might also encounter grizzly and black bears, so bring your bear spray with you on this one. Also bring a camera, because some of the views are ones you’ll want to keep forever.

Trail of the Cedars to Avalanche Lake

Staying in Glacier National Park, we’re going a little farther south to the Trail of the Cedars. This trail is significantly shorter, but the payoff is worth going out of your way to check it out. The Trail of the Cedars eventually breaks off to the Avalanche Lake Trail, which leads to Avalanche Lake. The quiet stillness you’ll find here is unlike anything you’ve experienced thus far. Take a moment to soak in your surroundings and let all your cares go. You’ll pass numerous waterfalls for even more incredibly scenery.

Swiftcurrent Pass Trail

This Glacier National Park trail starts near Many Glacier. And this time, we only recommend experienced hikers. At 19 miles long, the length alone makes this more than an afternoon stroll. Keep in mind, if you do decide to try it, there are side ventures that you’ll want to check out, like Fishercap Lake less than a mile in.

As you travel, there’s not a dull moment or boring landscape to be had. Streams and lakes and cliffsides all make for stunning views. You might even spot a moose, as they’re common in this area. Don’t approach them, though! They can be very territorial (bring bear spray). The trail itself is incredibly rewarding, but also challenging. Work your way up to this one.

Ousel Falls Trail

Now it’s time to leave Glacier National Park and travel south to Ousel Falls Trail. This trail is fairly short, so it makes for a great break on a long drive, and an easy hike for the whole family. You can follow this trail to the falls themselves or to a picnic area and pool. You can even see the water frozen over during the winter.

Danny On Memorial Hiking Trail

If you’d like to find trails situated near a campground for your RV, consider Whitefish Mountain Resort, and with it, the Danny On Memorial Hiking Trail. Named after a forest ecologist and renowned nature photographer, this trail offers variety in where you go and where you end up. You can find breathtaking vistas, including views of the Canadian Rockies. You can also opt for the scenic lift during certain parts of the season.

Obviously, there are hundreds of excellent hiking trails throughout the state. You could visit one every day and it would still take years to traverse them all. These are just some of our favorite, but now we want to hear about some of yours. Stop by Airstream of Montana and chat with our friendly staff, or ask them to show you the RVs available to you right now. We welcome all Montana customers from Missoula and Bozeman.

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